Inch Loss Body Wrap

Honey I shrunk!  Is an inch loss body wrap system that works by lipolysis. A revolutionary method of removing unwanted fat from the areas you want, the fatty cells are broken down by the solution changing the tryglycerides within the cells into fatty acid which can be excreted by lymph vessels and tissue fluids. So, in layman’s terms, you’ll probably need the loo after you’ve had your wrap!

Following on from the wrap, the solution conditions and keeps on working into your skin for up to 72 hours. As the fat cells have been destroyed, for new fat cells to grow, you would have to eat excessively or unhealthily. So, those newly shed inches will stay off as long as you keep to your regime and lay off the cheeseburgers.

Honey I shrunk Body Wrap is totally effortless for you, non-invasive, pain free and no mess. Whilst in your underwear you will be carefully measured, & then the Honey I Shrunk oil will be applied.  You will then be wrapped in a special heat generating film where you lie down for 60 minutes on a heated bed covered in warm blankets to let the Honey I shrunk oil work its magic & loose you inches!!

Honey I Shrunk Body Wrap £50 or 4 for £100

While you’re relaxing in your Honey I shrunk wrap you can just lay there & enjoy it or add a facial, eyelash/eyebrow tint or eyebrow wax. After 60 mins you will be unwrapped, and re-measured again in the same places to reveal your total body inch loss.  This is a completely mess free treatment so all you need to do is get dressed again and you’re good to go. The Honey I shrunk oil continues to work for up to 72 hrs and it is preferable not to wash it off or shower until the next day.